Entry to LD47.

If you enjoy playing the game, please vote for my game at Ludum Dare.

You could find the link in "more info" below.


You need to push the red bubble to “swap” tiles.

You goal in each level is to reach the flag.

The game only has 8 levels, as I spent too much time on writing simple code.

I started working on the mechanic thinking about players would stuck at a line loop at the beginning of the level. But later levels don’t just rely on this idea.


- Arrow keys to move

- Z(O on mobile) to start the game

- X to undo

- Enter to show menu

- Restart is in the menu selection


swop.p8 41 kB


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What an awesome puzzle game! :D

I was just big-brained enough to finish it. 

The mechanic is super clever, and the puzzles definitely make you think! I really appreciate how forgiving the undo button is as well.